If you just see a blank map and no table, you might want to try the pure CGI version (see below).


You are looking at the entire network. Each number on the map represents the n/8 subnet under it.
Zoom on the left to see a higher or lower subnet. Change the color coding mode on the right (currently colors represent organizations in the rows below).
Click on a point or enter an IP address or hostname in the box to get information about that IP and its networks. Leave it blank to see where you are.

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IP Map



Currently requires JavaScript and most likely Firefox 2.0. You can use the pure CGI version if that doesn't work out for you. If you'd like to help fix the JavaScript for other browsers, let me know.

© 2007 Dylan Simon <dylan at dylex dot net>
Inspired entirely by xkcd. See also the plotting overlay similar to this map as well as the ANT Census project. Data copyright IANA, CompleteWhois, ARIN, and the other RIRs, NIRs, and LIRs.